The West Indian manatee population in Mobile Bay, AL and surrounding waters (1912-2022)

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This dataset contains information on manatee sightings recorded in the north central Gulf of Mexico and compiled by DISL's Manatee Sighting Network. Records include historical (prior to 2007) manatee sighting data compiled from previously published sources and newly generated sightings (2007-2021) compiled from research activities and public reporting to DISL's Manatee Sighting Network. All sightings include at minimum the date, location of sighting, number of manatees per sighting, and animal condition.


Increased awareness of the importance of West Indian manatee habitats at the edges of their range, such as the north central Gulf of Mexico, has prompted demand for studies to guide development of management programs outside areas covered under the Florida Manatee Recovery Program. The objective of this project is to determine when and how manatees use habitat in Alabama and nearby waters by: -Defining habitat use in terms of distribution and abundance of manatees within the waters, -Measuring the frequency of habitat use at discrete locations, -Determining relationships to other manatee populations, -Defining and distinguishing available and utilized food resources, and -Recording and sharing data with other researchers, managers, and the public. This dataset is part of a larger study of manatee habitat and resource use in the region which also includes aerial and ground surveys of manatees and use of satellite telemetry tags.


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